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North from the province of Ciego de Avila, there is a great deal of isles, islets, and keys that could be easily qualified as paradises on earth. Such is the unusual beauty of nature in this archipelago that it captivated the Spaniards arriving to it from 1513 and 1514 and Diego Velasquez decided to baptize it "Jardines del Rey" (gardens of the king) in the honor of Fernand the Catholic, king of Spain.

This tourist destination, far less known than other zones of the island like Varadero or Cayo Largo, remained unexploited for tourist activities until 1990, when a road, half over the sea and half over the marshlands, allowed land communication and the exploration of this natural sanctuary of flora and fauna. Up to that moment, the only access to the key was by sea, which explains the complete absence of settlements or towns on the key.

Cayo Coco is a singular witness of the unforgettable fishing seasons of the American writer and Literature Nobel Prize Winner, Ernest Hemingway.
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